Werfen: A nice day trip from Salzburg

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In Salzburg? Werfen is worth a visit.

For fans of The Sound of Music, it may even be a must visit. Just a pleasant little 45-minute train ride out of Salzburg will get you there. The three main attractions would be Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen Ice Caves and The Sound of Music Trail. We opted for the the castle and The Sound of Music trail. We decided against the ice caves as it required a ride up towards the trail, a cable car ride and entrance fee. Also, they don’t allow photos! So, even if we went, I’d have nothing to show you anyway. From the train stop, you can walk to either of the other attractions in about 20-30 minutes. It’s worth the walk as the entire area is beautiful and you can experience some of Austria outside of the larger cities.

Train will drop you off on the opposite side of the river, so you’ll have to cross this bridge first.

The Sound of Music meadow

We headed up towards the meadow from The Sound of Music first before the weather got too warm.


If you look to the right of the above photo, you’ll see a gated area. That is a little monument to The Sound of Music along with a few benches to sit and enjoy the view. The actual filming location is a bit higher up the meadow, but along a farmer’s land that wasn’t happy with tourists visiting so often. Respect their privacy and visit the gated area instead! You’ll immediately recognize the mountain backdrop from the Do-Re-Mi picnic scene.A few of the cows came up to the gate to greet us. They enjoyed eating grass from our hands and allowed us to pet them.

Some of the scenes from the film had Hohenwerfen Castle in the background, you can see it on the left.


Hohenwerfen Castle

After enjoying the view and having a bit of lunch, we started making our way towards the castle.


Hohenwerfen Castle was featured in Clint Eastwood’s Where Eagles Dare, which filmed in 1968.


The view of Werfen from atop the castle.


The castle puts on a bird show twice a day, try to time it so that you can catch one.



Impressive wing span.


Coming in hot.


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Hope you enjoyed the photos of our little adventure outside of Salzburg. If you’re ever in Salzburg with half a day to spend, we’d definitely recommend a trip out to Werfen.

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