My favorite spots for taking photos in Salzburg

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Best locations for taking photos in Salzburg

To me, Salzburg was an excellent balance of city and landscape. The surrounding greenery behind the old architecture is quite striking! Furthermore, fans of The Sound of Music will recognize most of these locations. Numerous external shots from the movie were filmed right here in Salzburg. As usual, this isn’t an all encompassing or complete list. You will find places to take photos all over the city. Though, during my time here, these were my favorite locations for taking photos in Salzburg.

Mirabell Palace

The view from the palace gardens looking straight on to Hohensalzburg Castle.


You’ll recognize these steps as the location where Do-Re-Mi emphatically ends in The Sound of Music.


Maria and the children also danced around the Pegasus fountain during Do-Re-Mi.
The gang also runs through this hedge tunnel during the song.


The nearby Gnome garden is also featured in the film, specifically this guy!


Mirabell Palace (especially the gardens) are quite famous in Salzburg. Most likely you’ve already had this location on your radar before reading this. So, do yourself a favor and track down all the places you remember from The Sound of Music. Even if you’re not a fan, the palace and gardens are definitely worth visiting (and they’re free)! We made sure to watch the movie the night before we arrived in Salzburg. It made for a nice scavenger hunt around the city the next day.


Hayley doing her best Maria impersonation.


Yet another location you’ll recognize from the film. Maria famously splashes water at the horse during her performance of I Have Confidence. The square dates back to 16th century and is centered around this baroque fountain. Musical acts, open air cinema, or Christmas markets often fill the square. Chances are high something interesting may be going on when you visit.

Mönchsberg lift

City-wide panorama of Salzburg and the surrounding landscape.
Portrait view of the city leading up to Hohensalzburg Castle up on the hill.


Taking the lift up to the Modern museum will give you the best panoramic view of the city. There are various viewpoints and terraces up top to give you a few different perspectives. There are multiple trails back down to the city that will also provide beautiful views along the way. If you have the time, take the lift up and one of the trails back down. And oh yeah, yet another scene from The Sound of Music was filmed up on the terrace.


Pferdeschwemme translates to “Horse Pond,” which sounds quite boring really.


This isn’t just a random monument built for the sake of viewing. This was a functional horse bath used for the prince-archbishop’s parade horses. Those enjoying The Sound of Music references may recall Maria and the children admire the square as they pass through on a carriage.

St. Peters Cemetery

The cemetery is really quite beautiful.
St. Peter’s Cemetery


Recall the scene from The Sound of Music where they hide in a graveyard.


It sounds weird to be visiting a cemetery, but in Europe many of them are really beautiful. St. Peter’s is known as the inspiration behind the cemetery scene filmed in The Sound of Music. They were not able to film on location, so a set was actually built in Hollywood. You can see how the large gate and stones were recreated in Hollywood for the film.

Hohensalzburg Castle

A fortress dating back to the 11th century.


Hohensalzburg is visible from nearly anywhere in the city. While the castle is an excellent backdrop to all your photos, don’t forget to make the trip up top! Original construction of the fortress actually began a bit before the 11th century, in 1077. Though at the time, it was merely small bailey castle with a wooden wall. The castle gradually expanded over the centuries to the large complex it is today.

Nonnberg Abbey

Beautiful views as you make your way up to the abbey.


Took a different way down towards the city and found this nice little view of all the cathedral towers.


Famous entryway to the abbey courtyard.


Take the trip up to the area for even more viewpoints overlooking the city. We took a different way up and down to give ourselves a few different perspectives. If you didn’t recognize it right away, this is the exterior used for Maria’s abbey in the film. You may recall the scene when the children come to this gate to visit her.


The view near Markatsteg is a beauty.


While not as famous as the nearby Mozartsteg, the view from here is much better. I love that you can capture Salzach River, Markatsteg, the old city and the castle towering up on the hill. While most cities and locals seem to hate the padlocks on bridge trend, this is the place to do in in Salzburg.


We had fun recreating scenes all over town.


Mozartsteg doesn’t have quite the view as the previous bridge, but has another claim to fame. You guessed it, the bridge was another filming location for The Sound of Music. Hayley and Layla are recreating the scene of the children enjoying the sights all around them when on the bridge.


Just a few more for The Sound of Music fans.

The opening scenes of the film show many views like this one.


After their final performance at the Rock Riding hall, Georg Von Trapp escapes down these steps and into the alley.

So, there you have it! My favorite spots for taking photos in Salzburg. The fact that it basically became a Sound of Music location guide is a testament to their scouting department and film crew! The movie showcases the beauty of Salzburg quite well. It still looks quite the same even to this day. Hope everyone enjoyed the photos!

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    Wow! This post is beautiful and so informative. You are clearly a very talented photographer. I particularly liked the cemetery photos, those are stunning! Keep up the good work, I shall look forward to your next post, keep them coming please! 🙂

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      Kevin, thank you for reading! The compliment is much appreciated. I try and get a little better each time out, glad you’re enjoying the photos so far. A lot more coming soon!

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