My favorite spots for taking photos in Hallstatt

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Best locations for taking photos in Hallstatt

After looking through the hundreds of photos I took around Hallstatt, I’ve narrowed down my favorites. As usual with this series of posts, this isn’t an exhaustive list of all photo locations. These are just the best locations I came across during my time here. That being said, let’s get right into it! Here are my favorite locations for taking photos in Hallstatt.

The ferry ride into town

Panorama of Hallstatt taken from the ferry as it heads into town.


Zoomed in a little tighter on the island as the ferry got closer to town.

The best way to arrive into Hallstatt is to take the train to Hallstatt Bahnhof and then catch the ferry into town. The ferry timetable is based on the schedule of the train arrivals and departures. Whenever your train arrives, immediately make your way to the platform and the ferry will be there waiting. On your way back, the ferry will arrive before the next departure. Be sure to know when the last train departs (it’s pretty early for Hallstatt) otherwise you’ll be there for the night. Though, I don’t think being stranded here for a night would be such a bad thing, would it?

The town of Hallstatt

Walking left from the ferry station, you’ll come across a dock which you can walk out on and get this angle.


Hallstatt’s market square is small, but beautiful.


Head right from the ferry station and you’ll be greeted with this view.

Once you arrive into town, you’ll want to take pictures from literally every direction. My advice? Do it! It’s a digital world and you’re only limited by (generally inexpensive) storage. Plus, you can always just delete the bad ones later. There are so many angles and nooks and crannies in this town, you’ll find compositions everywhere. I’d definitely recommend getting a few from the locations I shared above. I loved seeing all the little boat houses along the water connected to beautiful homes.

Hallstatt Skywalk

From up here you can see the town of Obertraun across the lake.


Here’s the view of the town looking straight down from the observation deck.

You have the option of hiking up and down from the observation deck or paying 16 Euros (as of 2018) to take the cable car round-trip. If you’re able-bodied, weather is good and you have the time, I’d recommend the hike. If you’d rather not walk or don’t have the time, the cable car (while expensive) is a good option. My advice would be to split the difference take the cable car up and enjoy a nice downhill walk back into town. The walk is beautiful and you’ll have quite a few photo opportunities, it shouldn’t be missed!

The hike down (or up!)

Even if you decide not to hike at least walk down a bit from the cable car station for this view.


As you you make your way down, you’ll eventually be able to capture both churches and the surrounding landscape in a photo.
The beautiful little gardens of each home make for a nice photo


Beautiful front yard view from this lakeside home.

So, there you have it! The best locations I came across for taking photos in Hallstatt. The entire town is picturesque which means you’ll find plenty other places to capture photos along the way. Hope you enjoyed the photos and thank you for reading!

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