My favorite spots for taking photos in Budapest

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Best locations for taking photos in Budapest

Next up in my photo location series is the beautiful city of Budapest. While visiting the city during my 6-month trek of Europe, these were my favorite locations to shoot. Even if you’re not into photography, you should visit these locations to see with your own eyes! If you do have a camera, though, be sure to visit these locations when taking photos in Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament Building

I love the way it lights up in the evenings.

Whether you’re visiting day or night, the parliament building is definitely a must see. Built using the gothic-revival style, the building is a beautiful piece of architecture. The backside of the building faces the Danube river, while the front entrance (pictured here) opens up to a nice courtyard. This is a great starting point when walking through the city as it’s in close proximity to quite a few others sights.

Chain Bridge

Chain Bridge connecting the old cities of Buda and Pest together.


Once you cross the bridge, look back for another view of the parliament building.

Budapest is actually the merger of two cities on opposite sides of the Danube. The two cities were actually connected for the first time by Chain Bridge, which was opened in 1849. The cities officially merged into Budapest (imagine if they chose Pestbuda instead, haha) in 1873. Pictured above is one of four lions that guard the entrances of the bridge on either side. If you started walking down the Danube river from the parliament , you’d then cross the bridge and have this view of the side and back of the parliament building.

Fisherman’s Bastion

View from across the Danube river.


Up close and personal with the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Fisherman’s Bastion is yet another piece of beautiful architecture found in Budapest. Though it appears to be a part of a castle, it was actually built as a viewing terrace. An excellent view over the river and pest side city is available from here! Matthias Church resides right behind terrace and the two blend nicely together almost looking like one structure. The name is in reference to the Fisherman’s Guild that used to reside in this area and protect the city.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle sitting atop Castle Hill is easily visible from all over the city.


Beautiful stone staircase I came across walking through the castle district.

Buda Castle was home to the Hungarian kings of the past. The huge complex and palace you see today was built between 1749 and 1769. Though it grew tremendously during those years, it was actually first established in 1265. The grounds are open and free to visit 24/7 (barring any special events). It’s definitely worth taking time to walk up the hill and enjoy the grounds and the views it offers! Furthermore, there are many tours, museums, and even a funicular train (to get you up and down the hill) available in the area.

Gellért Hill

Panorama I took while ascending Gellért Hill.
Small church and entrance to the cave system below Gellért Hill.

My last recommendation for taking photos in Budapest is the beautiful Gellért Hill area. This location offers quite a lot to see in one generally small area. From below you can see the entrance to the Gellért Hill cave system, Hotel Gellért and the famous Gellért Baths. From there you can take a long stroll up the hill, which offers excellent panoramic views over Budapest and the Danube river. Atop the hill you can see the Liberty Statue and visit the Citadel.

There you have it, my favorite locations for taking photos in Budapest. Obviously in a city like Budapest, you’ll find photo opportunities around every corner! Just make sure when planning your visit you include a stop in these locations for some nice additions to your photos!

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